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Seven Priestesses of the Sibylline Oracle, E. Sylvia as Mama Fortuna and Homer's Iliad and Odyssey 
Seven Priestesses of the Sibylline Oracle

* Homeric Lots *

* Divination from the Iliad and the Odyssey *

The secrets to your future are within you, ready to be discovered! It is time to move past the distractions of daily life and unlock sacred knowledge :)

Come into the Roman Oracle. May it be good, favorable, happy and fortunate!

In love and light

Mama Fortuna

graphic art adapted from John Collier's painting Priestess of Delphi
Priestess of Delphi, adapted from 1891 painting by John Collier

* About Your Oracle *

More than a thousand years before the first Tarot cards were created, divination was performed by Pagan temple priestesses as an important part of spiritual and religious rites.

The most famous oracle in the ancient world was the Delphic oracle, performed by priestesses at the temple of the Greek sun deity, Apollo in the 8th century BCE. The temple to Apollo was located beneath a sacred stream. Natural vapors, creating a connection to the divine, were believed to have issued from a fissure within the earth at the oracle.

Roman spiritual divination also took inspiration from nature, interpreting omens from natural signs like lightening and the flight patterns of birds. As Rome absorbed the Greek spirituality, and adopted Apollo as a Roman deity, oracles by lots also became popular throughout Italy.

Many of these oracles were the Sortes Homericae, drawn from lots inspired by phrases hidden within the Iliad and the Odyssey; epic poetry written by the Greek author Homer thousands of years ago, when the Delphic oracle was new.

Oracle of Fortuna Primigenia
Oracle of Fortuna Primigenia

The largest of the Italian oracles by lots was the Sortes Praenestinae, performed at the Italian temple complex of the Roman Goddess Fortuna, for up to a thousand or more years. The Sortes Praenestinae miraculously appeared in a mysterious and ancient alphabet; perhaps as Germanic Runes , Egyptian hieroglyphics, or Chinese characters.

The Roman temple oracles continued in the tradition of sacred divination from ancient times until Paganism was outlawed in Rome in the 4th century.

When requesting the Sortes Homericae, you will choose whether you wish your divination to be per Ilias, per Odyssea or both! Please fill in the name, date of birth (Date and Month), and a specific question in the space provided.

You will receive your answer from an English translation of the ancient Greek Homeric texts; the same texts which were adapted for use, thousands of years ago, in oracles during the Pagan era of Rome. Each “sort” for your oracle will consist of a single line from the text, similar to below:

Roman Oracles by sortes or lots are part of an ancient sacred, spiritual and religious tradition. Due to the concept that these are sacred texts, I will not be consulting with you nor interpreting the phrase which is drawn for your oracle; it will be yours to meditate upon. After meditating on the phrase, the secret meaning may be revealed to you.

* Master Consultant *

* Registered Metaphysician *

* Certified Professional Level Intuitive *

Blessed with divine guidance, and imbued with energies of ancient traditions to reveal your oracle, the mysticism and sacred traditions of Roman divination were revealed to her through private study, public outreach and community.

Her credentials include professional metaphysical certifications as an intuitive in divination, her experience includes ritual as a Goddess priestess, and the Roman Oracle will require her attention as both a metaphysicist and a spiritualist.

Her experience in ancient spirituality and as a priestess of the Goddess includes ritual as the religious leader of Temple of Fortuna dot com, a NeoPagan religious public charity, and as a Goddess priestess of the Earth and of the Sun at a Goddess Temple in California, USA.

An experienced Divination Master Consultant, she acquired the ancient texts and set my course to learn the ancient skill of divination by casting the lots or sortes of the Roman Oracle. She soon received a sign that her training was complete.

The sign was cast from the oracle:

“Ready for sea, they sent a messenger” * Homeric sort from the Odyssey *

“For I desire to do this if I can” * Homeric sort from the Iliad *

She meditated upon these lines, and interpreted them as a good omen from the Goddess: She sent a message that she was ready, and that it was her wish to share this oracle with you.


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You must be 18 years of age or older to request a consultation. No refunds for consultations after they have been received. It is important to provide five stars service to clients, the goal is 100% client satisfaction, and client reviews are appreciated. Intuitive and Metaphysical Consultations are not to diagnose, prescribe, or treat any medical condition. Intuitive and Metaphysical consultations are for entertainment purposes.
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