Goddess Fortuna Temple

* Temple of the Goddess Fortuna *

Founder and Religious Leader of Temple of Fortuna dot com

NeoPagan Worship of a Pagan Goddess

a tax exempt 501(c)(3) religious public charity in the USA.


Experience with Goddess

She was given the names of two Goddesses at birth. Walking along a hidden mineral spring to elementary school, a botanical offering of lilac flowers from the elders was gifted to her, and the mystical realm of Greco-Roman architecture, statues and mythology opened through music and books.

Her fascination for ancient foundations was revived in University, with studies in music and the architectural design of buildings and public spaces.

Fascinated with a spirituality whose symbol is the five-pointed star, she joined a Goddess Temple which offered Sunday worship and became a priestess. Sharing the Goddess religion became her calling, and an online Temple of Fortuna was born!

From a single Goddess, a “wheel of the year” expanded into Sunday worship, website design, and over 100 worship services, as she simultaneously completed metaphysical coursework, and was honored with the ritual title “High Priestess” through Magicka School in Italy where she is a life member.

Since 2009, between 11am and 12pm Pacific Time on Sunday, sacred space has also been held in an offline in a physical location. Altar candles have been lit, the scent of frankincense has wafted through the air and fresh flowers, when in season, have been offered to the Goddess Fortuna. This has been in recognition of the divine feminine, to honor the Goddess and to mark a regular time of prayer and devotion for an hour each week, at a specific time.

The Temple became an inspiration to church leaders and, after official review, the Temple transformed into a tax-exempt public charity
Requests have been received, from the public, to train Temple priests and priestesses to establish and lead a local Goddess congregation, and perhaps create an ordination program. These plans require the coordination and cooperation of people. Interested board members are welcomed in annually. New and returning subscribers and donors are welcome to join anytime.

Goddess blessings to you and yours