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Tarot Reader by tarot artist Ciro Marchetti       * * * * *       E Sylvia as "Mama Fortuna", the Tarot Reader
Tarot Reader by tarot artist Ciro Marchetti  &  E Sylvia as "Mama Fortuna", the Tarot Reader

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The secrets to your future are within you, ready to be discovered! It is time to move past the distractions of daily life and unlock secret knowledge that may have been blocked from conscious perceptions :) Come with me, and together we will open the door!

in Love and Light,

Mama Fortuna

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The Tarot first came to her when she was in High School. She learned to read Tarot through the images of Ciro Marchetti and the writings of International Masters.

Her formal education in Tarot is accomplished through a life membership with Magicka School, located in the mystical country of Italy, where the Tarot has been consulted through the centuries. In addition to metaphysical credentials, she is also a consultant in other areas, having earned a University degree, ministerial clergy ordainments and additional credentials and affiliations.

Before the cards are laid out into a pattern or “spread”, a silent prayer is repeated, and she interprets the meaning intuitively with the assistance of divine guidance.

Both she and her grandmother were named for Goddesses, and as a young girl, the ancient mythologies fascinated and enchanted. She has been involved with the Goddess community, and she founded a Temple featuring the Goddess who was the inspiration for the Tarot ” Wheel of Fortune ” Major Arcana card.

Her intuitive gifts are based on experience and clairsentience; communication between her hands and the cards, a learned skill that manifested in her youth after learning to play classical music, composed hundreds of years ago by the masters of the craft, who created music for the church and performed for the amusement of the ruling families of Europe.

Blessed with divine guidance, and imbued with energies of contemporary and ancient royalty to reveal your oracle, her sensitive hands have been guided in many places; from small, spiritual and sacred places, to large metropolitan regions, to powerful International capitals.

The ancient images and cryptic messages continue to fascinate and amaze. The Tarot and Oracle cards are honest, dependable and accurate when handled by an expert such as she.

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You must be 18 years of age or older to request a consultation. No refunds for consultations after they have been received. It is important to provide five stars service to clients, the goal is 100% client satisfaction, and client reviews are appreciated. Intuitive and Metaphysical Consultations are not to diagnose, prescribe, or treat any medical condition. Intuitive and Metaphysical consultations are for entertainment purposes.
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