Holidays of the Goddess Venus

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Friday is the day of Venus
“Dies Veneris” in ancient Rome


The fourth day after each new moon of the
Ancient Attic Calendar of Greek Lunar Months
was sacred to Aphrodite (the original Goddess)


The entire month of April is sacred to Aphrodite

1 as Venus Verticordia
23 as Venus Ericina at the Vinalia Priora


(Greek lunar month Mounichion)

4 (fourth day after new moon in April) Aprodite and Eros


(Greek lunar month Thargelion)

last day (the new moon in May) Anagogia ἀναγώγια of Aphrodite at Eryx


(Greek lunar month Skirophorion)

3 (third day after the new moon in June) Arrephoria ἀρρηφόρια of Athena and Aphrodite
9 (ninth day after the new moon in May) Katagogia καταγώγια of Aphrodite at Eryx


(Greek lunar month Hekatombaion)

3 (third day after the new moon in July) Aphrodisia ἀφροδίσια of Aphrodite
9 (ninth day after the new moon in July) Adonia of Adonis and Aphrodite


Statue of Paolina Bonaparte as Venus Victrix, 1807  (Copy after Canova by Andreoni workshop), photo by Wolfgang Sauber

12 as Venus Victrix
19 at the Vinalia Rustica as Venus Obsequens


September 26 as Venus Genetrix


5 as Venus Caelestis ( in Naples )
9 as Venus Victrix